ZCore mining pools

Today is Thursday, August 22, 2019
Current hashrate
40.124 GH/s
Please note: Network hash rate is approximately amount calculated in each block
Known pool hashrate
17.723 GH/s
Taken from public pools api
Percent > 100% means than network is growing
Total workers
ZCore pool list
This information helps you to understand most popular pools of ZCore
Do not mine on pools that take more than 50% of network. This helps to keep network stability.
#PoolInformation updatedPool hashratePool workers% of total hashrate (may be > 100%)% of pools hashrate
1 ahashpool (lyra2z) 3 min 1 sec ago15.671 GH/s12439.06%88.42%
2 zpool ca (lyra2z) 20 sec ago1.904 GH/s2354.74%10.74%
3 blazepool (lyra2z) ago148.923 MH/s70.37%0.84%
4 Zergpool (lyra2z) 40 sec ago0 H/s660%0%
5 blockmasters.co (lyra2z) ago0 H/s600%0%
6 mecrypto (lyra2z) ago0 H/s00%0%
7 fairpool.pro (lyra2z) ago0 H/s00%0%
8 minepool.online (neoscrypt) ago0 H/s00%0%
9 pools.altpools.com (lyra2z) ago0 H/s00%0%
10 fairmine pro (lyra2z) 30 sec ago0 H/s00%0%